Never again will you throw lemon peels


© Gaudensia Degenhardt

The benefit of lemon peels to your health: The peels are very good and can be used in many ways, they contain lots of vitamin C, Magnesium and potassium; the combination of all can help to clean blood vessels.

The peel itself contains even more vitamins than the juice.

Lets begin:

Make sure you wash the lemons well, or you can even soak them in an apple cider vinegar solution for about 10 minutes. Then dry them and shred the peels.

  • The shred peels can be used over fish dish,
  • To add flavor to the salads,
  • you can also add it on cake which makes it to taste very good.

And most important: It can be used on soups, especially when the weather is cold, to keep your immune system strong.

Wonderful!! Try this please and share it with your friends.

Love you all.